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And So It Begins

And So It Begins

New Conspiracy Theory Update

Hope you didn’t miss my last scribbling. If you did, shame on you! Give a read (or a listen) and the following will make more sense. At least I hope so!

Here’s quick summary: The Extreme Democrats must destroy the Supreme Court. With today’s 9-0 decision, SCOTUS spanked Colorado, Illinois and Maine for removing Trump’s name from their ballots via their presumed authority of the 14th Amendment which stipulates candidates who engaged in an “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States  should be prevented from holding office. Of course, the Extreme Liberals consistently fail to mention there was no formal charge. There was no trial. There was no conviction of insurrection. Trump was charged by a federal special counsel in connection with the 2020 election, but not for insurrection, rebellion, or related charges. Only the Extreme Democrats, the MSM and similarly disposed political elements repeat the notion ad nauseam then get their panties in a wad when the legal framework doesn’t yield the conclusion of their favorite fantasy. The Supreme Robes unanimously agreed this was Federal territory and States didn’t have the legal biceps to pull him off.


It didn’t take but a couple hours before the Extreme Dems PR firm, the print and talking pundits of the MSM, were hard at work disparaging the ruling – despite what an “easy decision” this was. CNN, MSNBC, the NYT were first to seize on the 4 Justices (3 liberal; one conservative) who took exception to the length and breadth of the decision, saying in essence, the Majority went too far; that it ‘closed the door’ to other potential circumstances that could come before the Court someday. The fact that the dissenting Justices were all the females on the bench did not go unnoticed by the Liberals. (This will be important for Conspiracy Theory validation later)

Here’s a sampling of the Pity Party in full dudgeon

NBC’s Ken Dilanian on X: “This is another example among many that are playing out right now of the Supreme Court playing a huge role in American elections and it’s not necessarily the case that that’s a good thing for the Supreme Court. The approval level of the court at historic lows…It’s going to be seen by many as the court essentially interfering in some sense in the election and so this is sort playing out here in terms of how we assess the Supreme Court and its legacy (emphasis added)

It’s always fascinating how Extreme Democrats and their pundit puppets always site popularity polls to justify their objection to something like the Rule of Law that isn’t subject to winning popularity contests. The law is the law. It is applied in a formal manner and it can be changed in a formal manner. Gallup, Pew and other polls aren’t it nor are they part of the procedure.

Another: Tom Elliott, MSNBC – “Not since Bush v Gore have we seen a Court that’s had this many opportunities to interfere in the election” Mr. Elliott confines his criticism to the US Supreme Court, ignoring the Colorado Supreme Court that unilaterally took Trump off the ballot, resulting in the appeal and decision we’re seeing today. Liberal ‘journalists’ must believe disparaging SCOTUS when it makes a decision they don’t like is the best way to “save our Democracy”.

CNN: “Unfortunately for America, the court isn’t necessarily wrong, that this is the way the Framers wanted it to be.” “Unfortunately”??!! Yeah, the Founding Dads were the worst when it came to wanting ‘a more perfect Union’. Those bastards!

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (the loser): “My larger reaction is disappointment. States should be able under our Constitution to bar oath-breaking insurrectionists…So ultimately it will be up to the American voters to save our Democracy in November.” DANG! Up to the Voters and not the Colorado Supreme Court! She keeps using that word -- I don’t think Democracy means what she thinks it means. Notice whenever Extreme Democrats and their Liberal companions talk about “Saving our Democracy”, they really mean One Party Authoritarian Rule. Theirs

So how does all this help confirm the progress of our New Conspiracy Theory – to destroy the Supreme Court?

The immediate MSM gang tackling and piling on condemnation and illegitimacy of the Court as a conservative tool of Trump. In its current form, SCOTUS is an enemy of ‘our Democracy”;

That all four female Justices disagreed with the all-male majority is the beginning of Toxic Male influence and, except for Clarence Thomas spoiling the trifecta, White Supremacy is another bad actor preventing Extreme Liberals’ acceptable outcomes. Packing the Court with more cooler-headed, compassionate Women in touch with their Feelings will come to be the only way to get Liberal Approved decisions;

Polling and popularity are more important than the Rule of Law. We must have more of them to prove that without change, how MAGA Conservatives controlling  their Supreme Court are a threat to our Democracy;

Voters cannot be trusted in November to ‘defend our Democracy’.

So these make up the sermons and chorus the MSM will be preaching and singing over the coming weeks. Bear in mind, this is just the first of coming SCOTUS decisions. That it was declared a victory for the Orange Man established the foundation for the flaming comments that will dominate the MSM. As law professor Jonathan Turley opined on FOX, there will be voices in opposition and they will be amplified at different places. The remaining questions before the court – Presidential immunity, “insurrection”, classified documents – any of those that do not side with the Extreme Democrats will turn up the volume and frequency in defaming the Supreme Court. That will add legitimacy to the two-tiered Lawfare currently practiced by the Biden DOJ and lower courts run by Soros –backed Distract Attorneys and Mayors. That will encourage more civil unrest as illegal immigrants and certain American citizens see this as permission to break laws with impunity. Just like Joe Biden does. Start preparing. The confirmation of this New Conspiracy Theory is going to make a long hot summer. Maybe longer.

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