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The Newest Conspiracy Theory

The Newest Conspiracy Theory

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Welcome. This time I trying something a little different. Some people have time to read, others would rather listen. So this time, you get your choice. Pick the one that suits you best. Or OD on both and get some sleep! Use the Comments section to let me know your preference.


Grab your Tin Foil Hat and read on…

Everyone from Tucker Carlson to (insert Sage Pundit here) is saying “Something big about to happen.” You can feel it in the air. Things are super wrong and something’s gonna pop. Soon.

Do you agree? Are you getting that nervous tingle more now than then? It’s OK. It’s going around. Even cable “news” shows are mentioning “Armageddon” – but only in sentences that start with Trump and end with Elected! So what else could it be?

Well, there are lots of theories out there. Some actually have more than a tad of credibility: The end of the petro dollar. The implosion of the Fed. EMP. Civil War III. Another pandemic. Epstein didn’t commit suicide. Michelle Obama for President, and, of course, CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

We’ve heard them all plenty of times. Most make the “News” frequently enough. But this new one is crafty, conniving cleaver and you haven’t heard of it until now! It’s not some flaming disaster that would wipe out millions in a matter of days. But just as deadly. Here it is: Destroy the Supreme Court and in doing so, the Constitution and Rule of Law will follow.

Consider: The only branch of Government holding our three branch system together is the Supreme Court and its reliance of the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Like Extreme Democrats (and they’re all Extreme), you may have a philosophical problem with certain SCOTUS decisions. Personally, I’m still pissed about Wickard v. Filburn. Today, the EDs are ripped about Marbury v Madison. Last week, it was Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  Next week, they’ll get back to dumping on the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos. But it’s Marbury v. Madison that’s threatens death to the Liberals’, Progressives’ and Democrats’ addiction to power bordering on blood lust. Why Marbury? Because it established judicial review, allowing the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of laws and confirming the Supreme Court as a co-equal branch of government.

With Trump’s surprise win over HRC, Liberals started seriously sweating coming SCOTUS vacancies. Hillary’s loss guaranteed Trump SCOTUS replacements would put the future of Roe V Wade, the Democrats (un)Holy Grail of Re-Election, in critical danger.  First came the Gorsuch nomination and the embarrassing confirmation hearings. Then came the Super Spectacle of the Kavanagh confirmation which exposed the obscene conduct of Senate Democrats and the extremes of character assassination they would employ to ruin an individual’s reputation - all for the sake of abortion. In addition to the repulsive conduct of Democrat Senators during the televised confirmation, 83 ethics complaints were simultaneously filed against Kavanagh. Following his confirmation, protesters began singing, "We Shall Not Be Moved," outside the capitol and a gang of protesters broke through a police line, storming up steps to pound on the doors of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Then came Roe v. Wade’s second day in court. “Politico leaked an initial draft majority opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The draft, which allegedly had five votes needed to constitute the majority opinion, would strike down the landmark case Roe v. Wade” (

That really set the Liberals on fire. This was proof President Orange Man had nominated Justices Kavanagh and Gorsuch specifically to overturn Roe, the Extreme Liberals nightmare and the Christian Right’s sweetest dream. Always the Left’s campaign wedge issue, it now became worse.  For over a year, protesters picketed outside SCOTUS houses in violation of Federal law. In what could be correctly identified as an early example of Lawfare, Attorney General Merrick Garland repeatedly ignored the violations. No arrests were made until a man was caught with a gun near Justice Kavanagh’s residence, arrested notably by Montgomery County Police, not Federal agents.

As angry reactions to the leaked draft grew, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer executed the most egregious action of all. Smirking and screaming into microphones before roaring protestors on the steps of the Supreme Court building, he bellowed his threats to Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch personally “I’m telling you Kavanagh, I’m telling you Gorsuch! You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price!” Denying this was a direct threat leveled at two Supreme Court justices confirms one’s flaccid grasp of the English language or status as a frothing rabid Liberal as mentally diseased as Schumer. Of course, with MSM support, the bulletproof hubris of elected officials and the two-tiered system of lawfare practiced by liberal judges and the entire Biden DOJ, Schumer paid no price for his threats. The Secret Service has arrested law-abiding American citizens for less.

It’s constructive to remember Democrats and their evil spawn have a congenital fault. They dependably telegraph their actions and intentions by accusing their opponents of precisely what they are doing in real time or plan for the future. For this New Conspiracy Theory, you’ll want to recall the overt war against the Supreme Robes had its first public showing during the 2010 SOTU presented by Barry O. This was followed by other SCOTUS decisions that did not sit well with the first Black megalomaniacal President.

Now, direct your attention to MSNBC, Lisa Rubin, Sky News, Chris Hayes,   Joy ReidWolf Blitzer  the Democrat’s primary PR firm and their choreographed, invidious melt down over the recent SCOTUS decision to hear former President Trump’s immunity claim. But the prime piece de resistance came from MD Representative Jamie Raskin in a chat with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in which he said “the courts weren’t fast enough. The people need to become “Engaged and aroused and demand action.”

Notice all of the comments have been hyper-critical attacks on the Supreme Court and its unethical allegiance to Donald Trump’s legal problems. These are the ‘dog whistles’ Democrats like to talk about, the ‘clues’ of subversion, racism, homophobia, only MAGA Republicans can hear – as translated by Extreme Liberals. This is the foundation of the New Conspiracy Theory.

By example and current events, Extreme Democrats are desperate to do anything to prevent Donald Trump becoming President again. Yet, so far, all the rumors, fake Russian dossiers, salty language, strippers, taxes, family business, election interference, insurrection, business fraud ad nauseam have done nothing other than cost Trump millions in legal fees and hours of campaigning time in court while his poll numbers grow and grow and opponents lose and lose. With Extreme Dems hair on fire fanned by the ineffectiveness of their MSM’s Yellow Journalists, it has come down to a Supreme Court decision.

The seeds of chaos, social unrest, economic upheaval have all been sewn by Extreme Democrats, the “party of chaos”, the illegal immigrants Best Friends, the foster parents of Ukraine – all at the expense the American economy and the American Middle Class. And still Trump wins. The ‘fundamental transformation of America” cannot wait any longer. The backbone of America, the US Constitution, already downgraded to a relic for tourists and settling the occasional legal issue, is already ignored by the Chief Executive. He even brags about it. Respect and preservation of Constitutional principles, the Bill of Rights and Rule of Law must be destroyed in order to “save our Democracy.” If successful, it will obviously do the exact opposite. That’s the Super Bowl Game Plan of the Extreme Dems.

Having disparaged the Constitution as being written by white supremacist slave owners, Supreme Court decisions derided by a sitting President during the State of the Union address, attacking Trump appointed Justices, the refusal of the Attorney General to act in accordance with his Constitutional responsibilities by enforcing Federal law protecting Jurists, Biden threatening to ‘pack the court’ to guarantee the passage of unconstitutional Liberal schemes, gives anticipatory credence to this New Conspiracy Theory. Now add the white hot hatred and blood curdling fear of another Donald Trump presidency that would cancel the cherished New Green Deal, close the border, rebuild the military and hold accountable those who have lead the treasonous efforts to betray the American dream. Extreme Democrats and their myrmidons will go to any and all lengths in their paranoid desperation to prevent another Trump presidency. In the months leading up to the November election, with a Supreme Court decision coming that can destroy the dreams of more than half of American voters and, likely, most of those in power, the New Conspiracy Theory, the “something big” now being bandied about will come to pass at some point. In some way. But the desperation of the Extreme Democrats all but guarantees it.

Like any armature Conspiracy Theorist, you wish mightily to be wrong, that everything will return to the good Old Normal of Mom, God, apple pie, baseball, hot dogs and Chevy trucks. Of course, you’re free to disregard it all; have some giggles, point and laugh with your friends. If I’m wrong, you’ll read it here first. If I’m right, what are your choices?


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Back with The Two and Only in a couple days.

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